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2008-07-02 03:40

I became something of an admirer, I suppose, of General Wesley Clark’s when he declared himself a Democrat during the 2004 campaign, when the whole cry of voices was on the other side, screaming that warriors were only Republicans and vice versa. Clark’s speeches, interviews, and televised inquisitions since then have never failed to win my admiration for the candor, wisdom, comprehensive knowledge, quick thinking, extensive military and foreign-policy experience, and strong sense of social justice he unflaggingly betrays.

The recent vindictive and corrupt upwelling of Republican-manufactured hypocritical outrage against Clark for merely suggesting that John McCain’s having been shot down in Vietnam and suffering as a P.O.W. do not by themselves qualify McCain to take on the mantle of the pre-eminent civilian executive leader of free world makes me physically ill.

We Democrats—and all thinking people who value honest political discourse over vicious and thoughtless demogoguery—must respond to these foul slanders on General Clark with fire. We will NO LONGER tolerate LIES! We will NO LONGER tolerate corrupt attempts to portray our political speakers as anything other than POLITICAL SPEAKERS whose truth and falsity may be tested, but not their supposed “sacrilege”!

Click here to download the flv file of Clark’s performance on “Face the Nation”—if you haven’t caught it already—and listen to the innocent remarks on which a sweeping travesty has been perpetrated. I cannot again bear to watch this video segment, put together by Josh Marshall’s Veracifier team from a sample of clips from MSM and right-wing media fulminating over and clownishly denouncing Clark for “swiftboating” (!!!!!!!) McCain, without myself feeling the desire to barf because such vicious and appalling lies and attacks are so baldly and flagitiously being shouted against, hoping to drown out, an honorable man—shouted by people who in their hearts cannot possibly believe their noxious and spiteful claims (Laura Ingraham, someone I have always detested from the first moment I heard a word from her mouth [as an egregious anti-Clinton guest on Nightline, many years ago], is by far and away the most depraved and despicable, truly noxious and rotten, someone who cares nothing at all for the truth but only for advancing her savage vindictive brand).


It may be impolite to say that McCain’s P.O.W. experience has little, if any, bearing on his supposed ability to function at a superior level as our nation’s chief executive officer. It may be a violation of the Glistening Bubble of Respect, or Cone of Silence, most national reporters in a position to report on him have thrown around him. But to say that his being a P.O.W. tells us little about how competently he’ll run our country is to speak the absolute undeniable truth. And anyone denying this fact is either stupid or a wicked hypocrite.

I call on everyone who reads this post to do his or her utmost to make the following message politically acceptable, so that it pervades the Democratic mainstream to such a degree that it will be reported by the MSM as a common, legit, and widely held view: John McCain’s being a prisoner of war, while admirable in human terms, is ABSOLUTELY NOT by itself a qualification for running for President. Imagine that the fictional character Rambo were real: surely he would have survived torture by the Vietnamese as well as McCain did. But who would want Rambo as our President? Exactly. Rambo is the sort of person I’d hope to have rescue me, if I were held prisoner somewhere. But he is also a simpleton, a vicious killer, and (if he were real) the very last person i would hope ever to hold a civilian political office in the United States. That Rambo may be a true hero and be invaluable for one purpose but very bad for many others, especially being President of the United States, does not belittle Rambo in the slightest. Nor should it belittle John McCain.

ijustgoberSERK  ·  politext

* * *

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