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2007-10-31 03:09

I’m certainly not the first — or even the one-hundred-and-forty-millionth — to exclaim how it twists the brain that Top and Bottom make such similar, inseparable fellows, such peas in a pod. Exploring their interdependent resemblance, just now, for me, offers, however, some profit, psychologically.

The Bottom defines herself typically via the pain she can unflinchingly absorb . . . but so does the Top! Bottom says, “Please spank me! Whip me!” or whatever more personalized distractions she prefers. She tingles at both her own suffering and the arousal of the person producing it. In essence, her plea boils down to “Use me as you please!”

The Top says, “I’m tough enough to withstand any pain that comes my way, be it emotional or physical, and to show no expression.” What she hopes most is to furnish incapacitating pleasure skillfully to the Bottom, maintaining her own composure (we’re talking here about the stereotypical butch dyke top, not some random sadist). Her demeanor projects a message something like “Let me know what arouses you; and regardless how much it puts me to the test, I will rise to the challenge and bring you off spectacularly without displaying the effort it costs me.” The Top’s plea, in short, boils down to “Use me as you please!”

  ·  sexgender-system-files

* * *

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