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2006-02-03 00:50

For the salvation of humankind, notions like respect, disrespect, dignity, offense, and blasphemy need to be given much more serious consideration by secular Westerners than they typically have been in modern times. And, via a concerted effort by people of good will everywhere, thoroughly stomped out ASAP, completely eradicated like smallpox. These ideas do nothing but make people want to kill each other for no good reason.

Physically hurting someone is wrong. But offending someone’s dignity is a nebulous concept that shouldn’t be, well, dignified by use. And offending the dignity of someone’s god is the most poisonous notion ever allowed to gain currency. Blasphemy as a concept has no virtue at all but to make some religious people mad enough to kill others otherwise innocent of doing real harm.

This tempest in a teapot about the Danish cartoons of Muhammad, which finally made the Times today, is a perfect example.

Last fall a Danish journal, Jyllands-Posten printed a piece on a children’s author writing a book about Muhammad but unable to find anyone willing to do the illustrations. Making a picture of Mohammad, you see, is considered blasphemy of the deepest dye in Islam. So the journal held a light-hearted contest for drawings of Mohammad, eventually publishing twelve they received, most of which were satirical in tone, if not out-and-out political cartoons.

With that civilzation as we know it ended.

Or, at any rate, Muslims the world over would have you believe, Denmark thereby effectively launched nuclear weapons against Islam. Then the rest of Europe followed with similar calamitous strikes by covering the brouhaha and, of course, republishing the cartoons.

I kinda like this one:

Thanks be to allah the amendments to the US constitution for allowing me to publish that. Well, the first amendment, anyway. Or, if you take it the way Muslim protesters have, the second, I guess.

“We are angry — very, very, very angry,” said the legislator, Jamila al-Shanty. “No one can say a bad word about our prophet.”

Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, issued a statement condemning “in the strongest terms” France Soir’s publication of the cartoons. “Any insult to the holy prophet (peace be upon him) is an insult to more than one billion Muslims,” his statement read.

No, it’s not. Sorry. And a billion Muslims saying so, even in unison at the top of their lungs, doesn’t make it so.

Obviously, one of the biggest questions facing our world in the near future is whether Muslims and non-Muslims can coexist peacefully on it. And the fact is, they simply can’t, if Muslims are going to maintain the position that depicting their prophet, and even going “Nyaah! Nyaah!” at them, is a crime punishable by death.

Hey, Muslims! Your Prophet wears army boots!

Hey, man, no joke. They’re holy army of the jihad boots. And they’re really snazzy. Here lemme draw you a picture. Oh, sorry.

This page responds by furnishing a historically organized archive of images of Muhammad, demonstrating that the crime of depicting the prophet has rarely been taken seriously. The peccant cartoons are reprinted there as well.

Lighten up, Muslims! If you’re gonna be good international neighbors, you have to learn to take a joke!

  ·  ijustgoberSERK

* * *

  1. We are moslem, we want to live together with cristians and jews, and all religion. But! if you do like this.. God will punish you! remember, all bad think will be payed with the same things. Allahu Akbar!

    Muhammad Khoriq    Feb 9, 06:17 AM    #
  2. :)-|< Oh no!I just drew Muhammad.

    Phisch    Feb 10, 06:49 PM    #
  3. kameenay kuttay sanava bitch .

    landon    Feb 15, 11:29 AM    #
  4. u damnzzzz….wat do u ppl think of urself…..our prophet is not a joke…..and u dont have any right to talk like dat

    Memoona    Feb 17, 04:08 PM    #
  5. Fuck you!

    Mennina    Sep 4, 08:40 AM    #
  6. yeh jahil kaam non-muslim he kar saktay hai.

    SON OF A BITCH u guys who tht.
    uzair    Mar 3, 09:47 AM    #
  7. why cant we all get along?

    Dating    Jun 16, 07:29 PM    #
  8. dont make fun of others. Allah is there who is seeing you wat u are doing and yu will be strictly punish for that one day

    Moona    Sep 26, 05:21 AM    #
  9. in logo ko khudha ki lanat ha jo asay kam kar k humerah dil dukhateh hen

    tasleem    Oct 2, 06:21 AM    #
  10. wait for the day of the

    ghano    Dec 6, 06:41 AM    #
  11. we will fight against non Muslims till the last moment of our life we

    ghania    Dec 6, 06:43 AM    #
  12. >>we will fight against non Muslims till the last moment of our life

    Exactly. Exhibit A. Your mindless violent intolerance is precisely what I’m talking about. All mindless violent intolerance needs to be wiped from the face of the earth. The sooner the better. Notice I did not say Muslims need to be. I’m speaking specifically of your intolerance and your eagerness to impose it on others coercively. That’s an evil social sickness that absolutely has to be eradicated.

    Has it ever occurred to you that there might not ever be a day of judgment? There might not be a god? That Mohammad might have been wrong? That you were conned into becoming a spewer of hatred? And totally lacking in a sense of humor?

    mika    Dec 6, 07:01 AM    #
  13. Please.
    Humor doesn’t take as one if you don’t use it proportionally on behalf of others cultures.

    Perhaps it’s okay for your neighborhood to giveaway such attitude, but it does really hurt us as moslems.

    If you want to find a justification for your act, read more about what happening in history. Look for the reason why some moslem do such those violent actions.

    If you do this cause you think you’re a superior being than anyone in this world, then so be it.

    firman    Jan 19, 01:30 AM    #
  14. I just cant see the piont of living for all those years going through all lifes hurtles just to kill yourself and others. Jesus is love thats how to get into heaven.

    dating    Mar 1, 12:30 AM    #
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