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2005-03-15 16:33

In my last post I mentioned my adoration for Sarah Clarke, who played both “Nina” on 24 and the hyperdriven cutter and bulimic on House this week. While imdb-ing her, I started clicking around after another crush, Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played “Chloe” also on 24, and I fell more in love with her than ever, in large part because I watched the entirety of the fucking hilarious fourteen-minute film The Girls Guitar Club (which you too can and must watch by clicking here), directed by Reuben Fleischer and starring Mary Lynn and Karen Kilgariff (depicted above, respectively). They can also be seen cameo-ing as themselves (doing GGC) in another favorite film of mine The Anniversary Party. I’d give anything to have the Girls Guitar Club play at my birthday party. . . .

blogarhythms  ·  filmflam

* * *

  1. I totally adore Mary Lynn Rajskub, especially in Punch Drunk Love.
    Ada    Mar 16, 06:25 PM    #
  2. There should be some way to edit recently posted comments. In the few minutes that have elapsed since I clicked “submit,” I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to correct my comment with “Punch-Drunk Love” (instead of “Punch Drunk Love”). Minutiae, existential angst, whatever. I’m going for “submit” again…
    Ada    Mar 16, 06:34 PM    #
  3. * cough * * cough * nerd * cough * * cough *
    michaela    Mar 17, 10:29 AM    #
  4. when’s your birtday?

    i wish i had a sound card so i could hear the film. or rather, i wish it were hooked up properly…

    your interest in cutting makes me wonder if you’ve seen Carve? Gretchen Hildebran 4 min. short. it’s really nice. i showed it a while back as part of the junk film fest.

    there’s also this:
    (that looked funny in the preview, but it’s all supposed to be the url.)
    images someone else took of a piercing i did. you’ll have to ask nicely if you want to see more.

    what?! no posts about how amazing Wreckage is…you’re slipping Mika…
    aliza    Mar 23, 05:43 PM    #
  5. 1) 12/1/57. at 10 pm.

    2) Haven’t seen Carve. Sounds totally fab!

    3) YOU did THOSE fabulous piercings? Did you do the ribbons too? OMG! Aliza, getting to know you is like walking into a cave whose specious limp-noodle tunnel suddenly expands into a luminescent cavern which in turn grows increasingly cathedral-cavernous and blood-web woven about in threads of precious metals and gems.

    4) You’re totally right about Trani Wreck and Wreckage! And it’s no excuse to claim that there’ve been so many experiences in my life worth narrating these days—since (a) your shows are super fabulous, and performers and potential audiences alike would thrive from hearing of them, and (b) I’ve been writing nothing worth reading for months. I’m gonna try to drag myself up out of the blues by my garter straps, honey . . . .
    michaela    Mar 24, 12:39 AM    #
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