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2005-02-10 20:46

Trey Desolay takes exception to my view [except, as he points out, he really doesn’t] that Ira Glass doesn’t look like his voice sounds. I can certainly see two arguments to be made for the resemblance between the voice on the radio and the guy in the picture. First, Ira Glass sounds like a total geek and that guy in the picture looks like a total geek. Second, Ira’s own bio page refers to the person in the picture as “Ira Glass,” and you’d think it oughtta know.

But there are three features of the Ira in the picture that surprise me. First, I can’t believe all the grey around Ira’s temples: on the radio he sounds so adenoidy, I think of him as barely being out of high school, much less college. In fact, to me he sounds exactly like a college radio dj. That guy in the picture looks like an adult. I would think that even if Ira Glass were more or less an adult, he wouldn’t look it.

Second, for that same reason I think of him as sounding like a skinny nerd with a bulging adam’s apple; this guy’s face is broader and fleshier than his geekiness sounds. He looks like he’d sound like Jonathan Franzen.

Third, what with the eternally hip pomo irony his voice projects, I would have expected slightly more of an attempt to exude hipness through style choices beyond the hackneyed nerd-chic heavy eyeglass-frames.

So, basically, this is more or less what I imagined Ira Glass would look like:

What totally amazes me—or bakes my noodle, to use the Oracle’s formulation—is that that utter wannabe-hip geekazoid is one and the same as this gorgeous sexgod I desperately want to fuck:

And, what with his hilariously heavy brogue, he should be the poster boy for people who in real life don’t sound anything at all as you expect them to.

For all that, in this less-flattering picture from the This American Life site, Ira Glass does look a lot more like the skinny young geek I had in mind:

  ·  random-neuron-firing

* * *

  1. i have a little thing for mr. cumming myself.
    cynthia    Feb 10, 10:22 PM    #
  2. Dear Michaela … What makes you think I “take exception” to your surprise at what Mr. Glass looks like? Not at all. I said only that he looks exactly what I thought he would look like, not that he looks anything like what YOU thought he might look like.

    In fact, I think we agree exactly. He does sound as if he would look like a college radio DJ. As someone who was a college radio DJ for nearly 20 years I can tell you that more than a few of them have a bit of grey around the temples.

    I do admit, however, that Ira looks more like Garry Owens circa Laugh-In than I had expected.

    Trey Desolay    Feb 10, 11:37 PM    #
  3. Trey, you and Lillet sure know how to make a girl feel read! :)

    You were a college radio DJ for nearly 20 years?! How totally cool! I’m so jealous.

    The (comparatively) young Gary Owens is a brilliant call! Viz.:

    I’m a big fan of both yer blogs!
    michaela    Feb 11, 12:21 AM    #
  4. Now I’m suddenly wondering what Ira Glass would look like with a make-over like Alan Cumming’s! Ooooooh!
    michaela    Feb 11, 02:07 PM    #
  5. really i support this blog

    keylogger    Aug 24, 05:36 AM    #
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