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2004-09-12 15:37

So, as I mentioned, the other night I went to dinner with Sherman. Greta was working until 10:30 at Les Zygomates (which, btw, has a fabulous wine list and a hip, cute, friendly sommelier named Jeffrey, who conducts Tuesday-evening tastings). We decided to eat nearby in the Leather District at News, so she could easily meet us when she got off.

With Greta hostessing just around the corner, News has received an inordinate amount of our custom lately. It’s a fabulous concept: serving decent interesting food until 4 AM in comfy surroundings. And on Wednesday, the very popular Ladies Night, women can get a respectable three-course meal FOR FREE (with the purchase of a drink). The lounge, decorated entirely in prodigious overstuffed club chairs and sofas orbited by portable ottoman-cubes, is especially comfy (tho a bit of a cross between a cigar club and a fern bar). I have to say, nothing makes me feel more at home than eating dinner awkwardly from a sofa.

When Sherman and I arrived, around 9:30 PM, the lounge was practically empty. Between us, with Greta joining in later, we polished off three bottles of wine on top of (in my case) a couple of martinis. By the time we wobbled out, around 1 AM I guess, there was a whole bouncer, velvet rope, line kinda thing happening outside.

As we were leaving the lounge area, a tall attractive blonde jumped up, detached herself from a settlement of Russians, steered (pitched, really) apparently for me, and, confessing in a charmingly thick accent she was new in town (starting her senior year at MIT), asked where there were other places Boston like this—”this” apparently including qualities such as “trendy,” “hip,” “after hours,” etc. (Despite my best efforts to camouflage it, she had evidently detected my trendy, hip, after-hours aura.) Now, I must say that in my day I took considerable pride in knowing what was going on where. But I haven’t spotted my day in this vicinity for several years. The clubbing period of my life faded away and radiated approximately with the ‘80s (certainly by the birth of Anneliese in 1991). I collared Greta for help and we all fumbled with scraps of paper and pens and achieving the accurate spelling, via dictation over the club noise, of Man Ray. Once we got the spelling, then directions were necessary. I gave up, took Irina’s number, and promised to call with the info. She gazed into my eyes from about two inches away and then gave me a hug.

I never know what to do with strangers’ phone numbers. I have enough trouble placing calls to my closest friends and family. I wish she’d given me her e-mail.

So now I’m researching the trendy, hip, Boston scene. Report to follow.

greta-garble  ·  anecdotage

* * *

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